Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rain + Umbrella + Camera + Streets

For most photographers, rainy days are no-shoot-just-stay-at-home-and-browse-9gag-days. But for streetogs, rainy days are days-to-shoot-and-die-for. Or something close, like cotton-candy-on-sundays-under-the-golden-hours shizzle. 

Seriously, shooting the streets during rainy days are almost zen-like. Well, at least for me. The rain brings about both advantages and disadvantages to the streettog. Let me enumerate some, okay?


1. Invisibility. 
Most people are too busy/concentrated/irritated on their efforts to ward off the rain from their precious bodies that they don't really pay too much attention to strangers taking photos of them face-to-face. Really. I swear no one gives that much attention to me when I shoot in the rain. I feel most invisible during these days. *smug face*

©Julian Carlo Barbadillo

2. Characters. The rain seems to be nature's open invitation for unique characters to go out and roam the streets. You can encounter a variety of weird and funny-looking rainwear fashion, faces with stories that complement the rainy mood, etc.

©Julian Carlo Barbadillo

3. Mood. Rain and fog provides a full-landscape makeover which proves to be a temporary cure to overfamiliarity to a place. The mood that accompanies rainy days are so much fun to exploit and to play with  to create some pretty interesting photographs.

©Julian Carlo Barbadillo


1. Camera-Handling. Unless you have weather-sealed cameras, this won't prove to be too much of a problem. But for us low-enders, extra care must be given to prevent our cameras from being soaked and rendered useless. Well for me, an umbrella does the job. But it limits my handling. An umbrella on my left hand means that I can't use manual focusing, or I can't brace my camera well to prevent camera shake. I normally rely on autofocus in these situations. Pre-focusing just won't work for me in these handicapped times because subjects do tend to pop out in every proximity possible - without my left hand on the focus ring, missing money shots would really be a pain.

2. Camera-handling. I just have to make sure I made the point. :))

So yeaaa. Shooting in the rain is a must try, and must be a habit for streettogs. Promise! ;))
*Check out works of Danny Santos II, a Singapore-based Filipino street photographer. His Bad Weather Project won so much acclaim in the international Street Photography scene! I'm a fan of his. :D


  1. hmmmm now that is something I'd love to try ASAP...a huge umbrella would do the trick for me as I have, you know a light weight throw away cam hehe, smiling as I read pointer number 2 :-) great shots as always....your passion for your craft is inspiring...God bless...sweetest hello for your pretty Celine :-)

    1. Thanks doc! You really should try this. It's a very fun experience (if you don't really mind getting your shoes or shorts or pants rain-soaked.)
      Glad I made you smile. Hehe. God bless always ate. Makakarating kay Celine ang iyong hello. :D

  2. nice one(again) bro..i've seen sir danny's works in DPP mag's lates issue..galing!pero mas magaling shots mo!hehehe..

    1. Oh. Nasa DPP na rin sya? Tayo kaya, kelan makakaabot dun? hehe. :D
      Asus, nambola pa! Idol ko un. hehe. Subconsciously ko pang nagaya yung composition style nia dun sa Bad Weather set dun sa last photo sa post na 'to. hehe