Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm Back!

That was quite a dry spell. :))

It's been a month since I last updated this blog, and honestly I haven't had the chance to shoot SP since. Perhaps because of that very special and surprising "incident" regarding my Electronics career which happened late October that kinda distracted me from the streets. Nagpaka-studious muna tuloy ako. haha

© Julian Carlo Barbadillo || Kalyegrapiya || 2012

Despite the seemingly endless dry spell which I've befallen into, I've also been trying hard to get over it but time constraints just kept winning. And as the Christmas break have dawned, I have tried to shoot in the streets again - but to my utmost dismay, it felt like I'm starting all over again. That familiar feeling of uneasiness of having a camera pressed against my nose in the public resurfaced. I went home empty-handed with just around 10 worthless images on my card. Awkward ulit ampotek

After a day of trying, I decided to take it slow. Instead, I focused temporarily on a side project. My Smoke Photography Series. I had it running for almost a week in a make-shift studio set-up that I made on our kitchen table. It was a very calming and refreshing and addictive experience (perhaps because of the incense smoke. haha). After finishing the series (which garnered 6 final images), I decided that I'll be re-learning and conquering the streets again. 

© Julian Carlo Barbadillo || Smoke Series || 2012

*The ff. are some preparatory (or should I say, "mood-setting") steps which I did for re-familiarization of the SP experience:

1) Visited the archives of the Magnum photographers for inspiration.
2) Performed the Zen meditation technique which Sir Luis Liwanag taught me.
3) Ran through my favorite SP shots.
4) Finally went out to shoot. Tugs tugs.

Aaand I have finally re-experienced that Zen feeling of being one with the chaos, that is the streets. I honestly missed that. No more awkward eye-contact with strangers, no more sweaty hands, and such. I'm hoping that this would continue all year out!

© Julian Carlo Barbadillo || Kalyegrapiya || 2012

© Julian Carlo Barbadillo || Kalyegrapiya || 2012

© Julian Carlo Barbadillo || Kalyegrapiya || 2012

I'm back on the streets, Baby! (reiterating just because. haha) \m/


  1. Wow! Awesome shots as always! Sigh, I need to listen to you for tips in person...I am such a fan! :)

    1. Thank you doc! Too bad, we haven't had the chance to shoot street together yet! Sana matuloy sa 2 at makapagstreet din kahit papano. I would also love to share SP tips and ideas with you! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Salamaaat! \m/ Pwedeng malaman kung sino 'to? :D